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King of Tobacco is your online source for great deals on high quality hookah pipes, shisha and hookah tobacco and hookah charcoals and a wide variety of hookah accessories. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of high quality hookah products and accessories for fine flavored tobacco enjoyment including water hookah pipes and King Moassel tobacco. We are a wholesaler and retailer of hookahs, hookah tobacco products and accessories. We sell wholesale hookahs, hookah products and accessories to hookah cafe and jobbers. Contact us to open a wholesale account. Hookah flavored tobacco smoking is becoming more popular and now you can find hookah bars and cafes that specialize in the time-honored tradition of flavored tobacco smoking through water pipes. Here at the King of Tobacco we have everything you need to set up your very own hookah pipe at home and start enjoying a wide selection of exotic flavored tobacco.

Originating in India and widespread throughout the Middle East the art of smoking flavored tobacco through hookah water pipes is now becoming hip in the West and we carry all the best in contemporary hookah pipes, tobacco and accessories. We offer an amazing selection of glass bottle base and metal body frame hookah water pipes in amazing shapes and exotic colors. Browse through our tremendous selection of shisha and king hookah pipes including such popular models as the towering 40" Nefertiti, the individual size Gooza Americana, the decadent Miss Pyramid and the mysterious and potent Sphinx. We offer a great selection of single user hookahs and pipes that can be converted to allow up to four users at a time.

In addition to a great selection of single and multiple user hookah pipes we also carry the distinct line of King Moassel flavored tobacco in 250 gram and 50 gram packets. Our King Moassel tobacco is made from the highest quality premium tobacco grown in the United States and produces a rich and exotic taste that is both light and smooth. King Moassel tobacco lasts longer than most other major brands of flavored tobacco so you can enjoy your hookah sessions even longer. Shop our huge selection of King Moassel tobaccos in rich and decadent flavors including Blackberry, Banana, Coconut, Cognac, Mocha, Grape, Mint, Orange, Rose and Watermelon in addition to many other exotic fruits and spices.

If you have a hookah pipe and need specific parts to maintain it look no further than our accessories section where you'll find a wide assortment of high quality hookah parts including hoses, glass bottles, ceramic tops, gauges, rubber parts and mouth caps. We also have hookah bags for vaporizer hookah pipes. Hookah pipes are simple to maintain as long as you have the right accessories and we have all the extra parts you'll need to keep your pipe in great smoking shape.