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Egyptian Style - 26 cm - Medium (2)

Ballerina (4)

Dona Box Amethyst - 2 Hoses (1)

Espresso Tall
Espresso Tall (4)

Hookah Egyptian Style - 30 cm - Large (1)

Hookah New Queen - Blue Sapphire (1)

Hookah Skull Briefcase - 2 Hoses (1)

Junior Classic
Junior Classic (1)

LA Basketball Mini Jr. Briefcase (1)

Mini Junior Briefcase
Mini Junior Briefcase (1)

Miss Nile Briefcase
Miss Nile Briefcase (3)

Nefertiti (1)

The Witch
The Witch (1)

Browse our incredible selection of glass bottle hookah water pipes for use in hookah bars, cafes, lounges and homes. We feature a stunning array of carefully crafted and intricately designed hookah water pipes in amazing colors and artistic patterns. Borrowing from the Egyptian and Persian roots of shisha and hookah smoking our collection of glass water pipes reflect the exotic culture and deep shades of classic hookahs. We carry large and tall hookah pipes as well as miniature and junior sizes to fit any occasion. In our huge selection of hookahs you will find some of the most popular models of hookah pipes including the Miss Nile Briefcase, Queen Rotator, Jamila, Belly Dancer and the Crystal Prince. Each hookah pipe model is available in several stunning colors including emerald, ruby, sapphire, opal, onyx and many other exotic shades and patterns. We offer single size hookah pipes including the Gooza Americana and multiple user hookah pipes including the Blade Junior. If you are looking for great hookah water pipes to outfit a restaurant or a high quality model for the home you are sure to find the perfect hookah among our expanding inventory.