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Hookah Ceramic Top Big 2 Pcs. Set - Available in 3 colors: Brown, Black and White
Hookah Ceramic Top Big 2 Pcs. Set
Hookah Ceramic Top Small      - Available Colors:  White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black
Hookah Ceramic Top Small

Cap off any hookah pipe with one of our high quality ceramic hookah tops that will ensure a pleasurable hookah smoking experience. We carry small, medium and large ceramic hookah tops as well as one-piece and two-piece ceramic hookah bowls to hold your choicest flavored tobacco and shisha. Made from durable ceramic and molded into classic bowl shapes our hookah tops and bowls are practical and stylish and will custom fit most commercial hookah water pipes. The hookah pipe top is integral to the overall experience as it serves to hold the hookah tobacco while being lit and then filters the smoke through a screen to the hoses. Ceramic tops and bowls need to be crafted well to ensure a capacity deep enough to hold enough shisha for a satisfying hookah smoke.