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Hookah Witch (Upper Body Only) - Bottle Not Included
Hookah Witch (Upper Body Only)

Simple in design but capable of delivering a complex and flavorful shisha toke The Witch model hookah water pipe is a mid-size shisha tobacco pipe that includes single hose hook-up, charcoal tongs, two bottle connectors, ceramic top and two bottle connector grommets. The Witch is a versatile hookah device that can attach to almost any bottle. All the necessary parts are here, all you need is a decorative bottle to complete the process. The equipment includes a bottle holder with suction cup bottom for attaching to smaller bottle tops. Because of its construction The Witch model shisha tobacco pipe is easy to travel with and can set up a high quality hookah session with any empty bottle. Great for parties and gatherings with friends be sure to bring along The Witch for fantastic and clean flavored tobacco smoking.