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Hookah Seniorita Blue Sapphire - Briefcase
Hookah Seniorita Blue Sapphire
Hookah Seniorita Silver Sapphire - Briefcase
Hookah Seniorita Silver Sapphire

The Seniorita model water hookah pipe is a 28&rdquo tall glass and metal pipe that is made for single users and can be purchased in single or two-tone sapphire colors. The Seniorita hookah package includes one hose, mouthpiece, brush cleaner, ceramic top, tweezers and instruction sheet for assembling, maintaining and using the shisha flavored tobacco pipe. The unit measures 28&rdquo in height and makes for a great table centerpiece at restaurants and hookah bars. The Seniorita model comes in either sapphire or sapphire and silver for classic looking hookah pipes. The Seniorita is made with a beautiful glass bottle base and solid metal body frame for a durable and stylish hookah water pipe.