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Diamante Charcoal Easy Light 40mm 100ct
Diamante Charcoal Easy Lite 33mm  100 ct  - 10 x 10 packs
Diamante Charcoal Easy Lite 33mm 100 ct
Diamante Charcoal Fancy Bag - 1 kilogram
Diamante Charcoal Fancy Bag

Diamante manufactures terrific natural wood charcoal for use in hookah water pipes. The natural wood charcoals can burn for extensive periods of time so you will not have to keep changing and re-lighting the charcoals. Diamante natural wood charcoal does not contain any strong odors so it will not interfere with any choice flavored tobacco you use in your hookah pipe. We offer Diamante charcoal in bars, bags and easy lite bricks. Wood coal is more affordable and cost efficient for hookah smokers and Diamante manufactures some of the finest natural wood charcoal on the market today.