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King Moassel
King Moassel "10 x 50 grams"

King Moassel
King Moassel "250 grams"

King Moassel
King Moassel "5 x 50 grams"


For the best hookah smoking experience choose only the finest flavored tobaccos from top brand names including King Moassel. Made from the highest quality premium tobacco in the United States King Moassel tobacco is specially formulated to produce a rich and exotic taste that is both smooth and light. King Moassel tobacco is also well known for long-lasting flavor so your hookah experience is even more enjoyable. Flavored tobaccos are becoming more popular around the world and the array of flavors currently available is a veritable menu of the choicest spices and seasonings. King Moassel offers premium hookah tobaccos in many exotic flavors including apricot, blackberry, cognac, cranberry, guava, jasmine, mango, peach, orange, rose, sour apple, watermelon and many others. Available in 50 gram and 250 gram packs our selection of King Moassel hookah tobaccos are the finest in the world and will add fancy flavors to your hookah bar, lounge or home hookah pipe.

NOTE: Please read the company policy before placing an order.  For state of Texas, Oregon and Florida, carefully read the tobacco tax policy.