The Right Hookah Pipe for the Right Occasion

As hookah smoking becomes more popular in Western culture the wide variety of hookah pipes and styles is causing a shopping dilemma for shisha newcomers looking for pipes to satisfy different occasions. Be it a cafè manager who needs a centerpiece for commercial space, a homeowner who wants a causal shisha set up or a customer who needs a personal hookah pipe for single tokes the huge selection of water pipe designs can be daunting. Knowing your preference for hookah smoking and the setting in which hookah smoking will take place will help you decide which pipe is best for you and your guests.

From basic and plain to intricate and elegant there is a hookah pipe for every occasion. Hookah smoking has a tradition of being a social event, best enjoyed among friends in a cafè or lounge setting. Therefore many hookah pipes will feature multiple hoses as it is intended to be used by several people at once. Of course, individual pipes are made as well for both commercial and private home use.

For a large social gathering in a restaurant, bar or cafè a tall hookah pipe with multiple hoses is best. Several people can toke simultaneously and the bowl or ceramic top is large enough to hold enough flavored tobacco for a few go-rounds. Specific hookah pipe models that are popular in commercial bars and cafes include the Al Maliki, Queen Rotator, Belly Dancer and the Nefertiti. In addition to being practical for multiple users these tall and decorative hookah pipes are intricately designed with exotic color schemes including gold and emerald green for a classic centerpiece for a cafè table or bar.

More hip and authentic hookah bars and cafes will want to lay out the room in traditional dècor including large throw pillows and carpets. Hookah smoking is often enjoyed while smokers recline on pillows or lounge chairs. If you have a commercial hookah setting consider larger pipes with extra long hoses that allow your clientele to unwind and enjoy their hookah tokes while relaxing in plush comfort. Visually appealing and designed for multiple users the Ballerina, Miss Nile Briefcase and Blade Junior are excellent choices for relaxing hookah smoking.

If you plan to have a hookah pipe set up in your home for yourself or friends there a great many styles to choose from that are smaller than commercial pipes yet still offer a flavorful tobacco smoking experience. Smaller pipes are easier to operate and maintain and require less tobacco. Though featuring a smaller bowl, body and glass jar these hookah pipes can still feature multiple hoses for several guests. Hookah pipes including the Witch, Sultan and Princess are perfect for social hookah smoking at home.

If you intend to enjoy flavored tobacco smoking by yourself there are still plenty of individual hookah pipes to select from. Single user pipes include the Gooza Americana, Jamila and the Espresso Small that feature high quality hookah craftsmanship and individual size bowls for satisfying single user flavored tobacco hookah smoking.

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