Hookah Pipes

Choosing the right hookah water pipe to outfit your home or commercial establishment such as a restaurant or cafè that allows tobacco smoking is a fun way to express your individuality or the theme of a swank cafè and lounge. There are a great many hookah pipe models to select from including single user and multiple user pipes, compact 12" models and towering 36" pipes and a wide variety of glass bottle colors and designs. You can outfit a restaurant table with a 34" Queen Rotator that allows up to four people to smoke from the hookah pipe at once or select a light and compact Gooza Americana for road trips and travel. Hookah is all about ceremony and tradition so choose your hookah pipe wisely and start enjoying great flavored tobacco today.

For the home user who enjoys solitude when smoking flavored tobacco there are quite a few single user hookah pipes to choose from. One of the more popular hookah pipe models is the Gooza Americana that features a 10" tall frame, single rod hose and comes in a great selection of exotic colors including onyx, opal and sapphire. Light and compact the Gooza is also a good model to travel with as it can be carried easily in a case or bag. For the home user who enjoys some company the Blade Junior is a striking shisha water pipe that can be converted to accommodate two users at once. Available in several two-tone color options the traditional gold and emerald model is a stunning work of craftsmanship that invokes the Indian culture and heritage that gave birth to flavored tobacco hookah smoking. The 14.5" tall model is perfect for a living room table centerpiece and will fit in with more chic and modern dècor.

Hookah pipes aren't just popular at home. Now many restaurants in addition to specific bars and cafes are catering to the hookah crowd and installing elaborate and elegant hookah pipes in their lounge areas. The Queen Rotator is a fabulous hookah pipe for commercial establishments with it's majestic 34" high frame and four-user capacity this shisha flavored tobacco water pipe will attract attention in any setting. The Queen Rotator can accommodate up to four smokers at once and the intricately designed glass bottle base and metal body frame will keep the conversation lively. If you're in the market for an extravagant hookah pipe that will also add wild dècor to any room check out the exquisite Nefertiti hookah pipe model. A towering 40" in height and shining in either an emerald green or sapphire blue glass bottle base the Nefertiti is a collector's item hookah pipe that will intrigue patrons and delight shisha smoking connoisseurs.

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