Hookah Pipe Accessories

As with any water pipe hookah pipes are only as good as the maintenance you provide. Tobacco smoking will cause residue build up on most parts including hoses, mouthpieces and glass bottle rims so it's recommended that you clean and/or change these pieces as is necessary to ensure a smooth, clean hookah toke every time. Other accessories you should have on hand when using a hookah or shisha pipe are charcoal tongs or tweezers, a gauge for the air pressure and a gauge for the hose pressure and replacement hoses. The better care you take of your hookah pipe the better it will serve you in the future.

Smoking flavored tobacco, as with any plant, will lead to a build up of resin. This is a hydrocarbon secretion most plants give off when burned and the sticky residue will begin to coat the inside of your hookah pipe and its parts. This hinders the flow of air and tobacco smoke through the device and causes the tokes to be more difficult and less enjoyable. Cleaning your hookah pipe and replacing specific parts over time will lessen the effects of resin build up and produce smooth and clean flavored tobacco smoking every time you use it.

The more advanced hookah pipe user may want to include air and hose gauges among his shisha session tools. While not mandatory for enjoying a hookah pipe gauging the air and hose pressure will allow you to moderate the air flow throughout the pipe and increase or decrease the potency of the flavored tobacco toke. These are also good tools to have in hand when multiple users are smoking the hookah pipe since the air pressure and hose capacities will be altered.

Another area to keep in mind when performing general maintenance on your hookah pipe is the charcoals. Whether you have bricks or natural wood charcoal bars the burning will lead to ash and debris that should be cleaned after each use. A smart tool to have ready when using a hookah pipe is charcoal tongs or tweezers for turning the hot coals and evenly distributing the fire. These hookah tweezers can also be used to stir the flavored tobacco in the ceramic top when smoking.

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