Hookah Flavored Tobacco

Perhaps the best part of hookah smoking is the wide variety of flavored tobaccos to choose from. Spanning a delicious array of exotic fruits and choice spices flavored tobacco has a taste to suit any occasion or mood. From light and airy to rich and deep there's a flavored tobacco to compliment any hookah session. Before investing in a tin try a few flavors out and see which taste suits you best and then browse the fine selection of flavored tobaccos on the market today.

Unlike regular tobacco flavored tobacco explores a whole new world of citrus and spice to produce exotic and flavorful pipe tobacco. While unique for a tobacco flavor most hookah tobacco is a single blend flavor so you'll have a good idea of whether or not you'll enjoy the taste in a hookah pipe. Start with some basic flavors and see how a twist of cherry or grape tastes before moving on to something more complex. Apple is a common flavor among hookah tobacco and you may want to try a few of the apple offerings including sour apple, Bahraini apple flavor and double apple to find the mix that's right for you.

For the more adventurous citrus lover try some of the more exotic flavored tobacco blends including pomegranate, mango, guava and coconut. Most citrus blends are light to the taste so you can enjoy a refreshing hint of delicious fruit with every shisha toke. And there are terrific tobacco mixes that combine fruit flavors in enticing blends such as "Raspaya", "Grapericot" and “Cherrango”.

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